The Swift-Cut Customer Promise

The Swift-Cut Customer PromiseCustomer-promise

Our goal is to provide our customers with a table that is an asset to their business, and to support them in using it to grow.

We understand that a Swift-Cut plasma cutting table is an investment. To ensure that customers, feel good about their investment and secure in the knowledge that it will be positive asset to their business we pledge that we will…

  1. Be the best
    We strive to maintain our position as best in class for affordable, entry-level plasma cutting tables, offering customers excellent products at competitive prices.
  2. Help you get the most from your table
    We provide comprehensive support including online manuals, training videos, and training days to customers from the time we install their machine.
  3. Keep your table working to the max
    We offer excellent after sales service, either directly or in partnership with our distributors, resolving technical issues (either via remote access to your monitor or with a visit if required), supplying consumables, advising on upgrades etc.
  4. Bring you new innovations
    We are constantly looking to improve the performance and capabilities of our tables and to grow to our range of optional extras, always being mindful of making product improvements available to existing customers as retrofits or upgrades where possible.
  5. Stay connected
    We like to stay in contact with our customers, via trade shows, training days, social media and e-mail updates, to see what they are using their tables for, tell them about new innovations, and to get feedback.