Ductwork fabrication

Ductwork Fabrication Software

Check out the incredible capabilities of the Libellula software – designed specifically for the HVAC industry and helping Swift-Cut make the very best in duct machinery.

Library of parametric shapes for ventilation and conditioning

The module mod.HVAC is a library of parametric shapes for ventilation and conditioning. It includes three groups of shapes: round and conical, square-type (rectangular, rectangular with radius, hopper-type) and oval ones. Furthermore, several other 2D shapes provide the user with the most used shapes among duct manufacturers (rings and flanges). More info on: http://www.libellula.eu


CAD / CAM software for the production of DUCT components for the channel

Libellula.HVAC is the complete CAD / CAM software, developed on the specific needs of the producers of canalisations for ventilation and air conditioning.