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Resources & Information


What is CNC plasma?
In simple terms lets explain what plasma cutting is. Plasma cutting uses electricity to turn air into plasma, the fourth matter (coming after solid, liquid and gas), which is then blown through the metal you wish to be cut. Find out more about CNC plasma

Swift-Cut CNC plasma cutter options
A CNC Plasma Cutter has the capabilities to cut through most electrically conductive metal (steel, aluminium, brass, copper etc) by way of a blast of hot plasma.  This is a speedy, precise way of cutting that is being used increasingly more in the fabrication, welding, construction industries as well as teaching establishments and art studios. Find out more about our CNC plasma cutters

How does a plasma cutter work?
Plasma cutters operate by sending pressurised gas (like nitrogen, argon or oxygen) through a tiny channel with a negatively charged electrode in the centre of it.  When power is applied to this negative electrode and the nozzle touches the metal, a circuit is created and a spark is generated between the electrode and the metal. Read more

Take control of your own metal profile cutting with a CNC plasma table
Buying your own CNC plasma table will change the way you do business.  Having your own in-house capabilities will put an end to expensive and time consuming outsourcing.  Swift-Cut software is designed for ease of use and when we say ‘ease of use’, we really mean it. Read more…

Benefits of owning a Swift-Cut CNC plasma cutting machine
With the rise of a variety of industries seeking in-house capabilities to design, develop and create their own projects and wanting to avoid expensive outsourcing, owning a plasma cutting machine has never been more popular. And thanks to Swift-Cut, it’s never been more achievable, affordable or available. Find out more about our CNC plasma cutting machines

A CNC plasma table to suit your requirements
Innovation is at the heart of what we do here at Swift-Cut.  We have four CNC plasma tables that range in size and capabilities to suit your requirements. Find out about our plasma cutters for sale

Hypertherm consumables
Here at Swift-Cut we needed a company that had the same emphasis on quality and reputation as us, to provide the consumables for our tables.  Hypertherm are a multinational corporation at the top of their game.  It is a match made in heaven. Read more about Hypertherm plasma cutters