Swift-Cut 2500 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

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Cutting area – 2500mm x 1250mm (8’ x 4’)

The Swift-Cut PRO 2500 is our mid size plasma cutting table. It’s a great workshop cutting table solution.
Ideal for small workshops, metal fabricators, repair outfits, educational establishments, designers and artists.
Supreme build quality and unique operating software allows you to:

  • Cut all metals: stainless and mild steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc etc.
  • Cut thicknesses from 0.5mm to 25mm
  • Run at speeds from 1 to 12 m/minute
  • Deliver excellent cut quality


Full Technical Specifications

2500 CNC plasma cutting table specification

Take the next step towards affordable in-house metal cutting

Call for a live demonstration. Visit our training and demonstration suite in Staffordshire, or send us your own files and we can cut them in front of you in an on-line live demonstration over the Internet.


Features and optional extras

We’ve developed some innovative, cutting edge features and optional extras that make Swift-Cut market leaders in the field of plasma cutting, see below for more details.


Breakaway head

Breakaway head

Avoid unwanted mistakes with our breakaway head technology. Like the emergency stop button on a treadmill, this piece will quickly shut down your Swift-Cut machine in the unlikely event of your torch crashing, thereby minimising potential damage to the machine.   read more




Health and safety of both operators and those in the immediate vicinity must be of paramount importance.  All our UK engineered machines are CE marked. Water and downdraft fume extraction options are  available to protect machine operators.  Perspex machine enclosures , which offer protection from sparks and metal particles to those in the surrounding area, are also available.



SwiftCam software

SwiftCam software

CAD/CAM application software which makes using any of our Swift-Cut cutting tables even easier than before, guiding the user to production through a simple path and minimising the time normally set aside for programme preparation.   read more




Cable covers/tray and forklift holesCable covers/tray and forklift holes

In keeping with our dedication to fulfil and exceed all the necessary health and safety requirements, our machines have all been fitted with cable covers and trays to remove the fear of a member of staff tripping over any loose wires.

And in a bid to make life easier for the transport and movability, we have fitted fork-lift holes into the base. Meaning that you can move the machine around with ease.



Freestanding operator’s consoleFreestanding operator’s console

Free in every sense of the word, the free-standing operators console comes as standard with every machine, enabling you to operate at a distance if required.

With a built in PC and 18.5” flat panel LCD monitor, a wireless keyboard and mouse for ease, 500GB hard drive, 4GB ram, plus an E-Stop safety button and easy access for maintenance.



SwiftMark is an ‘optional extra’ that allows you to mark and cut in one operation, meaning no more outsourcing or moving your project from one machine to another.
read more





The water table option offers efficient fume suppression so no external fume extraction is required, alternatively the downdraft table option captures fumes and particles from beneath the cutting area.




Swift-Trace SystemSwiftTrace

Go from line drawings to cutting your design in four simple steps with our Swift-Trace system.   read more