Swift-Cut PRO – CNC Plasma Cutting Table

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Swift-Cut PRO 3000 XP – CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Introducing the newest table in our collection, the Swift-Cut PRO 3000 XP is cutting edge in its design and more durable than ever. The new PRO CNC plasma cutting table is designed with production cutting in mind, now available to work in conjunction with the Hypertherm MAX PRO 200 & Thermal Dynamics Auto-Cut 200 XT. The new drives offer OMRON 400w AC servo motors across X+Y axis for improved accuracy.

The liquid cooled mechanized torch is mounted to a redesigned heavier duty gantry to provide a sturdy platform for high amperage cutting, this allows for a pierce capacity up to 32mm and improved cut speeds, with mixed gas cutting available on all plasma options. The increased clearance height from bed to gantry allows up to 150mm box section to be cut. Add to that the opportunity to utilise the water mist technology, which will not only give you a precise cut but is the optimum technology for working with stainless steel and Aluminium, and the Swift-Cut PRO 3000 XP really is all its cut out to be.

Take the next step towards affordable in-house metal cutting

Call for a live demonstration. Visit our training and demonstration suite in Staffordshire, or send us your own files and we can cut them in front of you in an online live demonstration over the Internet.

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Features and optional extras

We’ve developed some innovative, cutting edge features and optional extras that make Swift-Cut market leaders in the field of plasma cutting, see below for more details.


CNC Plasma Cutting Table - PRO

  • Breakaway head – Prevent premature torch failure with our breakaway head system
  • Digital torch height control – Follow the contour of sheet metal automatically
  • Floating initial height sense – Reliable touch off sensing system for accurate pierce heights


Swift-Cut PRO table

Enclosed cable management – All cables completely covered to prevent damage from molten debris


Freestanding console

Freestanding console – Place the console in the most convenient position around the table with the plug and play operator interface assembly


Fume management

Fume management – Segmented downdraft system that allows extraction at the point of cut giving you efficient, cost effective and safe cutting environment


Fork lifts pockets

Fork lifts pockets – Effortless relocation and transportation of the table


Helical rack

Linear guide rails – Offers great cut quality at high speed
Helical rack – Cut accurately and smoothly to get an extra edge in cut quality and performance


Drive system

Drive system – IGBT driven sinusodial Omron 400W drive


Servo motor

Servo motor – Digital torch height control driven by 100W OMRON servo drive system