Swift HVAC




Introducing the new Swift-Cut PRO HVAC machine, a CNC cutting table that combines all the great features of the PRO series but designed to focus on cutting thinner metal accurately and swiftly. By fitting the pneumatic plate rider system to our table and creating the brilliant Libellula HVAC software, we have built a table so finely tuned it is perfect for the HVAC industry.


The plate rider system is a proven method for cutting thinner metal more reliably and at a greater speed. The Swift-Cut PRO HVAC machine takes the skill of the plate rider and matches it with the easy to use Libellula HVAC software and the Hypertherm Powermax45 XP, to give you a package that can’t be beaten in terms of quality and value for money.

The Swift-Cut 3000 HVAC is the machine the HVAC industry has been waiting for – offering quality at an unbeatable price and opening up the opportunity for ownership to more businesses than ever.

Technical Specifications:

  • PRO 3000 sectional down draft machine including pneumatic plate rider system
  • Maximum traverse speed 14,000 mm/min
  • Maximum cut speed 8,800 mm/min
  • Cutting area – 3000 x 1500mm
  • Smooth motion linear v wheels
  • Powerful 4 N/m hybrid stepper motors
  • Dual driven y axis
  • Libellula HVAC module parametric shape library for creating 3D to 2D profiles commonly used in the HVAC industry
  • Swift-Cam 3 automatic nesting CAD CAM software for importing .dxf files and converting into machine code.


Swift-Cut PRO HVAC Brochure




In an industry where the focus is very much on production and cut speeds, you need a machine that can deliver. The Swift-Cut PRO HVAC is that machine. And at a price that puts our competitors in the shade, it’s never been more affordable to come on board.