Swift-Trace System

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Go from line drawings to cutting your design in four simple steps with our Swift-Trace system. The Swift-Trace system includes:

  • USB micro camera
  • Swift-Trace software
  • Magnetic whiteboard
  • USB extension cable
  • Magnetic camera mount
  • Magnetic console plate

The Swift-Trace system can trace any black out of white continuous line drawing quickly and easily:

1. The magnetic camera mount fits to the cutting head. The camera needs to be calibrated before use but this is easily done using the software.

2. The camera scans the image. It is very accurate and will follow any continuous line. The traced image is saved as a DFX file.

3. The file is then imported into Sheetcam and processed. The image can be nested if required.

4. The cutting head cuts the metal replicating the traced image. The camera can also be used for inspecting the condition of the consumables.

Swift-Trace system in action:

For further information or to arrange a live demonstration, call our team on 01543 473300 or email sales@swift-cut.co.uk