SWIFTcam - CAM / CAD application software


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SwiftCAM is CAD / CAM application software developed to allow ease of use for any of our Swift-cut cutting tables, guiding the user to production through a simple path and minimising the time normally set aside for programme preparation.

An easy to learn product, SwiftCAM allows you to verify the recently created production cycle via 3D simulation in a realistic environment to test its functionality.

  • Available in three versions
  • Simple and easy to learn and use, zero training requirements
  • Allows you to simply import and auto nest parts, saving on time and costs
  • Easy and fast loading procedure
  • Correct programming of machines without any investment efforts required to learn a new system
  • Offers a wide library of parametric patterns









Ductwork Fabrication Software

Check out the incredible capabilities of the Libellula software – designed specifically for the HVAC industry and helping Swift-Cut make the very best in duct machinery.

Library of parametric shapes for ventilation and conditioning

The module mod.HVAC is a library of parametric shapes for ventilation and conditioning. It includes three groups of shapes: round and conical, square-type (rectangular, rectangular with radius, hopper-type) and oval ones. Furthermore, several other 2D shapes provide the user with the most used shapes among duct manufacturers (rings and flanges). More info on: http://www.libellula.eu


CAD / CAM software for the production of DUCT components for the channel

Libellula.HVAC is the complete CAD / CAM software, developed on the specific needs of the producers of canalisations for ventilation and air conditioning.