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SwiftMark – the inline engraving tool

The automated SwiftMark plate marker is an ‘optional extra’ that we at Swift-Cut are confident will become as imperative to your operation as the table itself.  The SwiftMark is designed to save you time, from the job itself right down to the running and maintenance.

SwiftMark allows you to mark and cut in one operation, meaning no more outsourcing or moving your project from one machine to another.

With a hardened pneumatic marker that allows marking of centre marks, part numbers, fold lines, elaborate text and decorative images plus an adjustable downward pressure meaning it’s suitable on hard and soft materials, the SwiftMark is the jewel in our cutting crown.

Cleverly, SwiftMark can be retro fitted to the older styles so if you already have one of our older cutting tables, it’s not a problem, we can easily keep you up to date with our latest technologies.

All that, plus this:

  • Ideal for structural steel marking (BS EN 1090-1)
  • Auto lubricating system
  • Premium quality pneumatic control system
  • Only requires compressed air (8 bar supply)


For further information or to arrange a live demonstration, call our team on 01543 473300 or email sales@swift-cut.co.uk